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When you need a speaker who will not only inspire your audience but move them to action, call on Sharon Lipinski. Combining stories of her own personal experience and the latest scientific research, her presentations are both inspirational and practical.  

We want your event to be a success, and we don't leave that to chance. Sharon's in-depth preparation includes interviews, audience profiles, a careful review of event objectives, and collaboration with key individuals to ensure the message is on the right track. Each presentation is unique and customized to showcase your organization, meet your goals, and engage your audience. 

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Sharon has been on T.V. around the country including Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando, Jacksonville, Charleston, Richmond, Denver, Albequerque, and Myrtle Beach. She's been interviewed on NPR and radio stations around the country. Click here to check out her media appearances or invite Sharon as a guest for your program.

  The only thing standing between you and the life you want are the good habits you wish you had and the bad habits you wish you didn't. Sharon Lipinski



Culture is a company’s competitive edge, but creating one that facilitates productivity, employee engagement, and profits can prove challenging. The quickest way to transform your corporate culture is from the inside out by inspiring a spirit of generosity.

Check out Sharon's article in Conscious Company for more on the impact of generosity on your office.

Perfect when you want to engage your team on a mission bigger than themselves. Audiences are inspired to work together and motivated to make a bigger difference in their work and in their communities.


What behavior changes does your team need to make? What is the theme of your event? Whether it's self-care, health, communication, leadership, innovation, sales, safety, productivity, or something else, we'll build a presentation to promote your values.

But education is not enough. In fact, more education is rarely the answer. There’s a misconception that once people know what to do, they’ll do it. And if they don’t, the problem isn’t with the training, it’s with the person. 

But people don't change, because they know what to do. They don't change because they need to do it, have to do it, or even want to do it. If that were true, you wouldn't see people with lung cancer smoking through their tracheotomy holes. 

The most effective way to change how people typically think, respond, or act is to transform it from a conscious act to an unconscious act. In other words, make it a habit. 

In this interactive keynote, attendees create a habit for the event, such as meeting other attendees or being physical active, and a habit for their personal/work lives. The conference habit gives them practice implementing the strategies and becomes a touchstone experience they come back to long after the event is over.

Perfect when you want to inspire, inform, and engage your audience in making real positive changes in their lives. Audiences are engaged from start to finish with group exercises and powerful strategies for turning their knowledge into action.


Discover the 5 components of Complete Generosity, so you don’t end up burned out, stressed out, broke, angry, or even sick. Plus, learn the 7 generosity habits, so you can become healthy in body, mind, and spirit; have deep, meaningful relationships; experience more joy and less stress; and make a big, positive impact in your home, your work, and in the world.  

Perfect for opening or closing a conference on an inspirational note, especially if you’re incorporating philanthropic efforts as part of your event. Audiences are moved to tears and to action through Sharon's authentic storytelling.



"This morning’s meeting was the most informative and useful CCA/RMC I’ve attended in a long time, thanks to your presentation. I got the impression that we could have gone on for another hour or two on this topic, and probably we should have. "

DEAN BURNS, Safety & Health Manager Tezak Heavy Equipment

“Sharon spoke for our manufacturing organization and did a phenomenal job! It is so nice to see a presenter who doesn’t just talk from the slides but can engage the audience in questions and answers and talk clearly and compelling about a topic. As a result, our attendees will be able to implement the lessons we learned into their everyday operations.”  

CHELSIE BELLER, Education Committee Chair NoCo Manufacturing Council

“It was so refreshing to hear Sharon speak. She didn’t give a typical rah-rah speech or lecture us with clichés. She helped each person understand what they wanted to change in their lives, and then helped them craft a strategy for making it happen. Sharon’s presentation was enlightening, empowering, and transformative.” 

LEIGH STENBY, Vice President Mercer 

“I asked Sharon to speak to our group after hearing her present at another event, and I’m so glad I did. She expertly tailored her presentation to the needs and challenges of our general and specialty contractors. Her presentation style held people’s attention and engaged them with strategies and insights they could take back to their jobs." 

PERRY SILVEY, Director of Health & Safety Iron Woman Construction


"THANK YOU Sharon Lipinski for blessing the Women’s Leadership group at my agency yesterday. Your session was the first that drew a record breaking 95% attendance rate — I guess that’s what happens when a Super Hero shows up! You coached, guided, informed and inspired us to identify the habits we want and provided us with a very prescriptive strategy to make them part of our everyday lives."


Thank you very much for making the time to join us in Crested Butte for our annual conference. I found your presentation to be very informative and super engaging. I heard several people at dinner on Thursday raving about it and have passed along your contact info to several members. Thanks again and I hope to be able to work with you again sometime in the future!

DAN HODGES, President Colorado Association of Municipal Utilities 

“Her insights on Living Generously and being healthy in body, mind, and spirit were so valuable, I felt that I was giving back to the women who support our school. Sharon gave a personal yet universal, practical yet inspirational speech that the Georgia Southern Women loved.” 

GLORIA MORGAN, Director of Annual Giving, Georgia Southern

“Sharon’s presentation was perfect! She was clear and concise, easy to listen to and right on target. Sharon delivers her organizational story with a very interesting style and detail that holds the attention of the listener. She can field questions with ease and brevity and makes the audience very comfortable for the duration. She is a very accomplished speaker.” 

ELLE SHEPHARD, Women’s Group Leader

“Sharon has made me believe that I can make a difference. I’m putting my money and my time where my heart is, and it feels great!”  

CHRISTINE FORSTER, President My Big Day Events


Sharon is an in-demand Breakout Session and Workshop leader. She can craft the perfect followup to build on the tools and strategies shared during the presentation. Topics include...

60 Day Habit Challenges

Knowing what to do is the easy part. The hard part is actually doing it. In our 60 Day Habit Challenges we provide your employees with the motivation, support, and accountability they need to stick to it until they've created new habits. 

Put Your Team’s Safety on Auto Pilot: Harness the Power of Habits to Protect Your People and Your Bottom Line  

Designed specifically for organizations who already invest substantially in their employees' safety, but are still experiencing unsafe behavior and injuries. The most effective way to change how your employees typically think, respond, or act is to transform it from a conscious act into an unconscious act. In other words, make it a habit. Tired of saying the same thing to your employees? You will leave this session understanding why people do what they do and how to change it.

Breaking Bad (Habits)  

Everyone has one. Everyone has that bad habit that they know they should stop doing. They want to stop. But can’t. Breaking up with bad habits is hard to do, and it’s frustrating when we find ourselves doing the old bad habit when we know better. Discover the 5 triggers that launch your bad habit, the 5 Step Process for breaking a bad habit, and 10 strategies you can use to break it. In this interactive presentation, you’ll make a plan for freeing yourself from your bad habit once and for all.

Sweet Dreams: How to Fall Asleep More Quickly, Spend Less Time Awake, And Get More Sleep  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 1 in 3 Americans aren’t getting enough sleep and calls insufficient sleep a public health epidemic. If you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep, if you fall asleep when you sit down to watch tv, if you catch up on sleep on the weekend, if your performance or memory are impaired, and if you don’t have as much energy and enthusiasm during the day as you’d like, discover the sleep habits that will help you get more sweet dreams.  

Put Your Employee’s Health on Auto Pilot: Harness the Power of Habits to Create Happy, Healthy, Productive Employees  

Today’s studies are clear. Healthy and happy employees increase profitability and productivity and a healthy and happy work environment helps attract and retain a high-performing workforce. Everyone knows this. But the #1 problem that companies face today is transforming that knowledge into consistent action. During this interactive workshop, you’ll learn the 5 Step Process for creating new habits and make a plan for making a habit of your choosing a reality in your daily life.


When you need a speaker who will not only inspire your audience but move them to action, call on Sharon. 

All presentations are customized to your audience and your needs.


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