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Customized around the behaviors you want to promote. Attendees create new habits on the spot!

Perfect when you want to inspire, inform, and engage your audience in making real positive changes in their lives. Audiences are engaged from start to finish with group exercises and are moved to tears and to action through Sharon's authentic storytelling.

  The only thing standing between you and the life you want are the good habits you wish you had and the bad habits you wish you didn't. Sharon Lipinski


Customized to showcase your organization's philanthropy and community impact.

Perfect for opening or closing a conference on an inspirational note or when you want to engage your team on a mission bigger than themselves. Audiences are inspired to work together and motivated to make a bigger difference in their work and in their communities. 

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Don't settle for the run-of-the-mill motivational speaker who dishes out the same clichés everyone has heard before. When you need a speaker who will not only inspire your audience but move them to action, call on Sharon Lipinski. Combining stories of her own personal experience and the latest scientific research, her presentations are both inspirational and practical.  

We want your event to be a success, and we don't leave that to chance. Sharon's in-depth preparation includes interviews, audience profiles, a careful review of event objectives, and collaboration with key individuals to ensure the message is on the right track. Each presentation is unique and customized to showcase your organization, meet your goals, and engage your audience. 

Contact us to discuss the details of your event. 

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Seen across the country including Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando, Jacksonville, Richmond, Denver, and more. Visit her media page for more info.

Sharon loves to engage people on television,radio and print with passionate, interesting, and sometimes surprising discussions. 

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Sharon is an in-demand Breakout Session and Workshop leader. She can craft the perfect followup to build on the tools and strategies shared during the presentation. Below you'll find some of our topics, but we can also craft a custom presentation just for you and your audience.

60 Day Habit Challenges

Making The Event Count

What happens when your event is over? The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve suggests that attendees will forget up to 60% to 90% of what they learned.

Don't let that happen. Our signature post event program, The 60 Day Habit Challenge, engages your group in measurable and sustained behavior change.

Biological Basis of Complacency

Based On Our Award Winning Article

This paradigm shifting presentation reviews the neurological process that leads to complacency, shares the results of surveys & interviews on the scope of complacency in organizations. Learn to assess the efficacy of complacency fighting strategies based on understanding this previously undiscussed component to complacency: basic brain design.

What Are The Magic Words?

A Master Class In Employee Buy-In

If you’ve been looking for magic words that inspire employees to engage with your safety programs, look no further.

Take a deep dive into employee buy-in. Get 5 key questions, a structure for designing and deploying safety initiatives, and examples of what’s working for organizations right now.

Harnessing the Power of Habit

Learn How To Work With Your Brain

Employees may know exactly what to do to avoid accidents. They may even want to do it. But they don’t do it. Even the best intentions don't translate into results you can count on when safety is on the line.

Discover why your employees don’t follow the safety training you've provided and how you can leverage cutting edge neural science research to use habit when it will keep your employees safe and neutralize habit when it can be dangerous. 

The ONE Thing

Research Into Senior Safety Professional's Priorities

Take a deep dive into recent research into what senior safety professionals told us are their most important initiatives, why, and how they’re measuring success.

Senior safety professionals will walk away with insights into 4 challenges facing safety programs and 4 principles to embrace now.

But I Don't Wanna

What To Do When Employees Resist

If your employees are forgetting, ignoring, pushing back, or actively resisting the protections you’ve put in place to ensure their safety, then you know how frustrating it is to get your employees to follow the rules. Discover 6 reasons employees fight your safety guidelines, 3 tactics that make the situation worse, and 6 steps to crafting a safety initiative so that you end up with employees who WANT to follow your safety procedures.

Breaking Bad (Habits)

Take Control Of Your Habits Instead Of Being Controlled By Them

Everyone has one. Everyone has that bad habit that they know they should stop doing. They want to stop. But can’t. Breaking up with bad habits is hard to do, and it’s frustrating when we find ourselves doing the old bad habit when we know better.

Discover the 5 triggers that launch your bad habit, the 5 Step Process for breaking a bad habit, and 10 strategies you can use to break it. In this interactive presentation, you’ll make a plan for freeing yourself from your bad habit once and for all.

Sweet Dreams

Habits for A Great Night's Sleep

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 1 in 3 Americans aren’t getting enough sleep and calls insufficient sleep a public health epidemic.

If you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep, if you fall asleep when you sit down to watch tv, if you catch up on sleep on the weekend, if your performance or memory are impaired, and if you don’t have as much energy and enthusiasm during the day as you’d like, discover the sleep habits that will help you get more sweet dreams.

20 Questions

A Real Time Complacency Fighting Tool

Used effectively, questions can short-circuit complacency in real-time by triggering critical thinking and situational awareness in ourselves and in others.

But not all questions are created equal. Learn the tools for asking effective questions that prompt critical thinking and situational awareness and getting honest answers and get 100 plus sample questions and guidance for choosing the ones that are most effective for your work environment.

Didn't We Do Training On That?

A Case Study On Designing A Training Program That Sticks

A McKinsey study reports that only 25% of managers say that training changes an employees' performance. The other 75% are left wondering, "Didn't we do training on that?"

Using a case study, attendees get a 5 phase process for crafting a training initiative that results in long-term measurable behavior change, and they'll discover how to diagnose why the training failed to have the desired impact.

You Are A Leader

A Full Spectrum Of Leadership Trainings

A leader is someone who influences other people. That means everyone is a leader. It's just a question of what kind of leader do they want to be?

From new leaders to experienced leaders, from creating trust to delivering feedback, from emotional intelligence to resilience, we have a wide range of leadership trainings that inspire and provide attendees with valuable skills they can take back to work.

The Perfect Storm

Employees Under Stress

Between pandemic fatigue, sometimes unreliable supply chains, and increasing work loads, employees have been dealing with unprecedented level of stress.

This presentation explores both the positive and negative ways the brain responds to stress, how to transform it from a negative experience that people want to avoid into a growth opportunity people embrace, and 3 key areas for stress management programs. One is often overlooked and keeps you from having an even bigger impact on your team.



"Best speaker I’ve seen at a conference. Ever." Eric Jacobs, Environmental Protection Specialist, Colorado Dept of Public Health & Environment

"Sharon was one of the best-reviewed speakers we’ve had at one of our conferences. Our members were on their feet, engaging with her and other audience members. That’s not an easy thing to do with this crowd, but they loved it. And we’re glad Sharon could help us launch our conference with this fun, energetic, and fascinating presentation."

CATHLEEN HALL, Colorado Rocky Mountain Solid Waste Association Conference Chair  

"Sharon gave us another great training, and we already know we want to have her back next year. She’s dynamic, fun, and gives us so much great, practical information. 

BRADLEY GASSMAN, Safety & Environmental Director, Association of General Contractors, Colorado"

"I would book Sharon to keynote another event in a heartbeat. Before the event, I can count on her for her professionalism and timeliness. At the event, she knocks it out of the park with her ability to engage and interact with the audience. I heard so many positive comments from my attendees about Sharon. We were all excited about getting so many useful strategies we could take home with us."

CORRINNE SULLIVAN , Meetings Planner, One Call Concepts  

“I love having Sharon at our events. I can count on her unique point of view, engaging style, and professionalism.” 

COURTNEY PHILPOTT, Conferences & Meetings Coordinator, Tennessee Valley Public Power Association

"Sharon went above and beyond as our keynote speaker. 

Not only did she give us a great speech— I am still getting feedback from conference attendees on the impact of her keynote presentation and how they are making small habit changes in their lives and reflecting on their time at the conference-- but she also attended other events we had that day and facilitated a special session for just a few of our attendees. 

This roundtable discussion was a deep dive that allowed us to go in depth into the material as well as learn from our colleagues. It was a great bonus event, and I would highly recommend bringing Sharon to your event."

SHELLY FULLER, National Association of Hazardous Material Managers Conference Chair  

“I’ve been working with Sharon Lipinski on a couple different conferences, and they were two completely different audiences. And she did a wonderful job of being able to relate her message to anyone in the crowd.” 

STEPAHNIE ORR, Meeting Planner  

“Our annual institute was kicked off in the best way possible. We had the opportunity and honor of having Sharon speak to us and really lay the groundwork for what is going to be the next 3 days of hard work.” 

JANICE CRAMPTOON, Executive Director, Association of Independent School Admission Professionals  

“What a neat tool. You can sit down in an afternoon session, and I’m going home with an action plan. And I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about that. I would recommend that anyone bring Sharon in." 

DAN HODGES, Executive Director, Colorado Association of Municipal Utilities  

"I heard so many positive comments from not just my members but also my staff. They loved that they could immediately apply her strategies to improve their organization’s safety and their own health. Plus, she was fun and engaging. We’ll definitely invite her back for future events."

GREG BARLOW, CSP, CET, Loss Control Manager, CIRSA

"THANK YOU Sharon Lipinski for blessing the Women’s Leadership group at my agency yesterday. Your session was the first that drew a record breaking 95% attendance rate — I guess that’s what happens when a Super Hero shows up! You coached, guided, informed and inspired us to identify the habits we want and provided us with a very prescriptive strategy to make them part of our everyday lives."  


“I asked Sharon to speak to our group after hearing her present at another event, and I’m so glad I did. She expertly tailored her presentation to the needs and challenges of our general and specialty contractors. Her presentation style held people’s attention and engaged them with strategies and insights they could take back to their jobs."  

PERRY SILVEY, Director of Health & Safety Iron Woman Construction

“Her insights on Living Generously and being healthy in body, mind, and spirit were so valuable, I felt that I was giving back to the women who support our school. Sharon gave a personal yet universal, practical yet inspirational speech that the Georgia Southern Women loved.”  

GLORIA MORGAN, Director of Annual Giving, Georgia Southern

“It was so refreshing to hear Sharon speak. She didn’t give a typical rah-rah speech or lecture us with clichés. She helped each person understand what they wanted to change in their lives, and then helped them craft a strategy for making it happen. Sharon’s presentation was enlightening, empowering, and transformative.”  

LEIGH STENBY, Vice President Mercer  

“Sharon’s presentation was perfect! She was clear and concise, easy to listen to and right on target. Sharon delivers her organizational story with a very interesting style and detail that holds the attention of the listener. She can field questions with ease and brevity and makes the audience very comfortable for the duration. She is a very accomplished speaker.”  

ELLE SHEPHARD, Women’s Group Leader

“Couldn't have been more impressed with her authenticity, her message, her ability to engage, and get us to take action.”  

"This presentation was awesome. It was practical. It was informational. It really spoke to me."  

"It was authentic, It was relatable. It was manageable. It commanded us and demanded us to put some things down right then and there."

Thank you again for helping make our conference successful!  

HOPE PETRIE, Navarro County

Thank you very much for the very interesting and enjoyable session yesterday at our ASSP Three Rivers Chapter meeting. We heard a lot of good comments. If you are ever in the area again, please let me know as we would love to have you speak again. Thanks again for starting our year off with a bang! 


"Great reviews (again) on the workshop evaluations... all 4’s and 5’s."

SAM ERGER, Innovative Captive Solutions  

"This morning’s meeting was the most informative and useful CCA/RMC I’ve attended in a long time, thanks to your presentation. I got the impression that we could have gone on for another hour or two on this topic, and probably we should have. "  

DEAN BURNS, Safety & Health Manager, Tezak Heavy Equipment 

I really enjoyed the presentation, you have a terrific way of reaching people. If I heard that sound again I know I’ll jump up and stretch.  

LARRY CLOUD, Dow Pipeline Company

I just wanted to write and say thank you for the information. I absolutely am fascinated about how our brain works and how we do, and why we do what we do. It was wonderful to see your presentation. I didn’t expect that at the conference. I really appreciate it. 

RICHARD A. CULLIP, Logan County Landfill,  

"Sharon spoke for our manufacturing organization and did a phenomenal job! It is so nice to see a presenter who doesn’t just talk from the slides but can engage the audience in questions and answers and talk clearly and compelling about a topic. As a result, our attendees will be able to implement the lessons we learned into their everyday operations."

CHELSIE BELLER, Education Committee Chair, NoCo Manufacturing Council

"Thank you very much for making the time to join us in Crested Butte for our annual conference. I found your presentation to be very informative and super engaging. I heard several people at dinner on Thursday raving about it and have passed along your contact info to several members. Thanks again and I hope to be able to work with you again sometime in the future!” 

DAN HODGES, President, Colorado Association of Municipal Utilities

Honestly – I decided to make a day of it to get the most out of the CIRSA meeting and I’m so glad I did! Your session was great. I’m going to get a copy of your book."  

ALLISON SCHECK, Administrative Services Director, City of Wheatridge


When you need a speaker who will not only inspire your audience but move them to action, call on Sharon. 

All presentations are customized to your audience and your needs.



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